Press Release 031618 - March 16, 2018

SDWRA Member Shops Offer Free Windshield Cover

to Keep Windshields Safe Before Using a Car Wash in

San Diego

Warning About Rain-X and Car Wash Chemicals: Innovations in car cleaning chemicals are causing opposite effects on windshield repair services. SAN DIEGO - March 16, 2018 - PRLog -- Car wash chemicals and even windshield washer fluids now have adverse effects on your windshield. The San Diego Windshield Repair Association encourages anyone with windshield damage to see an SDWRA member shop for a free coating that can be applied to damaged windshields before any car washes are performed. This free service will keep drivers in San Diego from spending hundreds to replace their glass due to the negative effects of the modern chemicals. The seal that member shops provide takes only 10 seconds to apply. Afterwards, the vehicle will be safe to wash in any car wash, or be driven safely in the rain. The SDWRA is committed to: - Informing the public of the benefits associated with windshield repair. - Providing the public, industry and government with a reliable source of information regarding windshield repair. - To provide a grass roots effort to influence the local governmental agencies responsible for establishing regulations for the Windshield Repair industry. Contact San Diego Windshield Repair Association *** # # # San Diego Windshield Repair Association Proper Repair is Crucial! We are committed to educating the public about proper repair techniques. MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE A PROFESSIONAL WINDSHIELD REPAIR FACILITY! MAKE SURE YOUR WINDSHIELD REPAIR TECHNICIAN IS EXPERIENCED! The mission of the San Diego Windshield Repair Association is to: * Promote and develop the legitimacy of windshield repair as the first option for glass restoration service; * Provide and promote best practices for those engaged in San Diego windshield repair; * Provide the public with benefits of glass repair; * Provide education, resources and information about chip repair; * Follow and promote Nationally qualified, ethical repair practices: * To serve as an advocate for the San Diego windshield repair industry * To promote safe and proper glass services to consumers in accordance with all applicable standards and laws --- end ---
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