Choose the Right Windshield Repair Company

Choosing the right windshield repair company is not only

crucial for a proper repair, but also to your safety!

The SDWRA is committed to:

- Informing the public of the benefits associated with windshield repair. - Providing the public, industry and government with a reliable source of information regarding windshield repair. - To provide a grass roots effort to influence the local governmental agencies responsible for establishing regulations for the Windshield Repair industry. - Promoting the legitimacy of the windshield repair industry in San Diego.

There is more to SAFE windshield repair than you may know!

Why should you be concerned about safety when getting your windshield repaired?

Today’s windshield does more than keep the rain, wind and bugs out while providing good visibility… It is an engineered system performing critical functions in the design of your vehicle. - Keeps passengers safe - Part of the airbag system - Provides roof-crush resistance - Prevents passenger ejection

Only Choose San Diego Windshield Repair Shops that are

Licensed, Insured and Properly Trained!

Make sure that your San Diego Windshield Repair facility has technicians that are properly trained, insured and experienced. Always ask questions! We have prepared a list of questions that you should consider asking before you get a windshield repaired.

Protect Our Pacific!

The SDWRA is committed to keeping our ocean and shoreline beautiful. The members of the San Diego Windshield Association have a strict code to follow which ensures that none of the products that they use will ever see a storm drain!
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